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Spring / Summer jackets

Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather this year. From 80 degrees F it went into 40 degrees F. On such confused forecast days, a spring / summer (it is almost memorial day weekend – that is legally supposed to be summer) jacket is a must. I like jackets that are light weight and those that can keep you comfortable in 45 – 65 degrees F weather. These jackets are perfect for seasonal transitions throughout the year.

Here are some of my favorites:

spring jacket 1 - Samosa POP

1. Chambray Blazer

2. (Faux) Leather Jacket

spring jackets 3 - Samosa POP

3. (Summer) Tweed Jacket

4. Structured Jacket

spring jackets 2 - Samosa POP

5. Trench coat

6. Asymmetrical jacket / blazer

spring jacket 3 - Samosa POP

7. Blue denim jacket

8. White biker jacket (cotton)

Summer Spa date

Summer spa date x Samosa POP One of my most favorite things to do is a spa date with my mom especially in this Summer season. I love it when she visits. This month I went hiking in the Smokies with her and upon our return it was a perfect occasion to pamper ourselves with pedicures. So thanks to PrettyQuick we quickly found an amazing place in the west suburbs of Chicago called Simply Nails Spa. Continue reading

Summer Uniform

Casual Summer x Samosa POP 3 I love the simplicity of this outfit. These pants are my all time favorite. They are versatile enough to take me through seasons. They perfectly balance the fullness of my summery cropped blouse. I have a feeling these will be in high rotation this season. I am working on building my summer wardrobe with a few core pieces and these pants will surely be one of the frequently worn foundation items. (Inspiration: Ten Item wardrobe, though mine will be a few more than ten 🙂 ) Continue reading

Transition styling: Your go-to Maxi

Happy Casual Friday! Wear your favorite summer maxi dress to Lollapalooza this weekend. Even though it’s summer time, the evenings tend to get chilly now a days or the weather suddenly cools down leaving you yearning for something cozy. A convenient way to transition your favorite maxi dress is by pairing it with a chambray shirt. It acts as a required cover up for the unpredictable weather.

Continue reading

Stripes & Prints

Stripes & Prints x SP This season is all about prints and pants are no exception. I love these pants, I can’t stop wearing them. Most likely because they are all the colors of the rainbow which is amazing for color-obsessed someone like me. I have fallen hard for this trend of printed pants. My other obsession is mixing prints. Since I am smitten with all sorts of prints, sometimes it’s more fun to mix a couple in one outfit. These pants truly make a statement when teamed with a striped tee. Bottom line – Prints are awesome; more the merrier! Continue reading

Candy Colors

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fun weekend! August is almost coming to an end even though  Summer is still full on in the Chicago area. It dawned on me that fall is just around the corner, so I added white to my outfit, in an attempt to grasp on to what summer we have left.  But who am I kidding–I’ll probably be wearing white ensembles even after labor day. Lately, I love wearing my white denim for both work and play. I love this candy colored look which is perfect for work wear on a summer day.DSC04608 Continue reading