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September skirt

Ever met a piece of clothing that is perfect for right now!? If I had to pick an item out of my closet to symbolize September – with it’s beauty and it’s late-summer weather, it would be this midi skirt.

midi skirt x sp

Talk about love at first twirl!!! The soft baby blue color paired with a peak-a-boo panel is a skirt dream come true. I am head over heels in love with the midi trend (exhibit A and exhibit B). This lady-like trendy skirt is easily going to be my most frequented transition piece with the current changing seasons. Anytime I can find a piece of clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish, I am immediately sold.

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Summer Solstice

Yellow + stripes x Samosa POP Happy Summer my lovelies! Yesterday I celebrated the official first day of summer (thankfully it even felt like summer) by wearing my happy yellow skirt with a simple striped tee. This year I was lucky enough to get to spend father’s day with my father as they arrived from India just in time for daddy day. This outfit was very playful and the flared skirt was perfect for the day at the local fair. This yellow beauty is a recent gift from my mom. Needless to say she has amazing taste and I am sure I got my love for colors from her. Hope you had a happy weekend celebrating the awesome dads in your lives! Continue reading

Stripes & Prints

Stripes & Prints x SP This season is all about prints and pants are no exception. I love these pants, I can’t stop wearing them. Most likely because they are all the colors of the rainbow which is amazing for color-obsessed someone like me. I have fallen hard for this trend of printed pants. My other obsession is mixing prints. Since I am smitten with all sorts of prints, sometimes it’s more fun to mix a couple in one outfit. These pants truly make a statement when teamed with a striped tee. Bottom line – Prints are awesome; more the merrier! Continue reading

Spring Casual

Cassette skirt x SP I have noticed when the weather outside is amazing and warm, my outfit of the day tends to get more playful. I am excited for a summer filled with breezy skirts, vibrant prints and evenings at the lake. This skirt is my personal favorite as not only is the A-line universally flattering but the musical print makes me want to dance all the time. And as you already know, I love mixing prints. It just is such a quick trick to create new outfits. I never thought I’d pair this skirt with a striped tee but, it just happened  to be, while getting dressed in a rush and I am loving it.  Another awesome trick is to borrow items from your man’s closet every now and then. I totally hijacked these awesome sunglasses from my husband claiming that they went perfectly with my outfit. 🙂 (valid reason!!) Continue reading