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Spring / Summer jackets

Nothing is as unpredictable as the weather this year. From 80 degrees F it went into 40 degrees F. On such confused forecast days, a spring / summer (it is almost memorial day weekend – that is legally supposed to be summer) jacket is a must. I like jackets that are light weight and those that can keep you comfortable in 45 – 65 degrees F weather. These jackets are perfect for seasonal transitions throughout the year.

Here are some of my favorites:

spring jacket 1 - Samosa POP

1. Chambray Blazer

2. (Faux) Leather Jacket

spring jackets 3 - Samosa POP

3. (Summer) Tweed Jacket

4. Structured Jacket

spring jackets 2 - Samosa POP

5. Trench coat

6. Asymmetrical jacket / blazer

spring jacket 3 - Samosa POP

7. Blue denim jacket

8. White biker jacket (cotton)

Tips for winter clothes storage

Here are some very best tips for ensuring that our cold-weather clothes will survive the warmer months:

1. Clean, cool, dark, and dry. These are the must-have qualities of a storage space. Avoid heaters and make sure that the area is free of any possible bug infestations. Also, stay away from light exposure, as it can fade colors, and moisture, as it can lead to mold and mildew.

2. It’s not just your storage space that should be thoroughly cleaned. Be sure to properly clean each item you’re planning on putting into storage before you store it. You’ll thank yourself come winter when your clothes are still fresh.

3. Consider an alternative to mothballs. They have a strong odor, they’re not 100% effective, and their fumes are hazardous. Cedar blocks, shavings, or oil will do the job and leave behind a sweet scent. If you do choose mothballs, though, make sure they’re far out of reach from children and pets.

4. Although cardboard and plastic containers are both viable options for storing clothes, perhaps the best balance of air circulation and protection is an unused suitcase. Try lining it with acid free tissues and cedar blocks for some extra protection against moisture and insects.

5. Try to avoid hanging your clothes in storage, especially your sweaters and other knitwear. They could be stretched beyond repair. If you must hang your clothes, utilize all extra hanging loops and try cedar hangers. Then, protect your clothes by wrapping them in something breathable, like fabric.

6. If you’re folding your clothes into containers, follow this simple rule: the lightest goes on top, heaviest on bottom. The bottom-heavy weight will allow for circulation and help to prevent irreversible damage in shape and fit.

7. Don’t abandon your stored duds completely! The best way to prevent anything from happening to your beloved winter wear is by checking on it occasionally. This way, you’ll spot any mildew, stains, or other damage before it’s too late.

Spring Beauty

Spring is all about fresh, bright and colorful to me. The season is changing so shake-off the dreary winter with a few changes in your make-up habits.spring beauty

  1. Fresh– Swap your heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer, which takes seconds to smear on, provides even coverage, and won’t clog pores.
  2. Bright –  Invest in a versatile highlighter and start experimenting; try it on eyelids, browbones, cheekbones. But, pick one at a time. Shimmer plays up our best features – wide-open eyes, high cheekbones, or even a prettily bowed lip. Get a glowy look without excessive shine or sparkle.
  3. Colorful – It’s time to celebrate warmer climates by playing with hot violet or tangerine eye shadows. Or swap out the basic black liner with colored eyeliners in olive green or bright cobalt.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful spring! It also helps to give your refrigerator a makeover and stock it up with some yummy skin brightening super foods like fruits and vegetables.

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