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YASOU Skincare review

Hello Hydration!yasou skin care x Samosa POP 3Today I am excited to share some incredible skincare products I recently got to test out. YASOU is a skincare brand that specializes in luxe Greek-inspired natural skin care products that contain some serious organic ingredients. YASOU is made locally in the US and is a friendly to the Earth. Not only are their ingredients primarily plant-derived, even their packaging in biodegradable.yasou skin care x Samosa POP Living in the Chicago area (after the winter we had), my skin has been feeling parched even though the weather is starting to warm up. And the wind in the windy city does not help either. I have been looking to switch up my daily skin care routine to something more hydrating. That’s when I discovered YASOU. I wanted a product that’s made mostly with natural ingredients. I tried out the brand’s replenishing cellular day and night cream last month. I wanted to give it a good 3 weeks before I reviewed it here. And it has been great. My skin feels like how it would feel after a facial. It feels loved. The creams are heavier than what I was used to earlier so I started off using it every other day. What I love the most about it is even with my combination skin type, the creams do not feel too oily and leave room for it to breathe. I haven’t had any breakouts because of it. Infact I feel my pores are tightening up as I continue to use it.yasou skin care x Samosa POP 2My favorite is the rich and reinvigorating night cream. It gives my skin the much-needed moisturizing and I wake up with my face feeling soft and hydrated. I think it’s repairing the damage from the harsh winter days. I might even start using it almost everyday once it gets colder.yasou skin care x Samosa POP 4I am excited to see and feel the benefits as I continue to use these products. This skin care line feels very pampering. It’s like at-home spa day every day.  Indulgence in a jar! I am also looking forward to trying out their upcoming hand cream. I know my hands would thank me if I had that in my purse.

Give YASOU a try. I love that their philosophy is all about holistic healthy living.

These products were provided by YASOU Skincare! All opinions shared here are mine.