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Fall Skirt

Red + Stripes x SP

Happy Fall! This season to me usually means deeper hues and longer hemlines. It’s the season for romantic walks and cozy sweaters.  The temperature has already started to cool down a bit. This weekend was in the 70s and very pleasant. I enjoyed wearing this skirt when I was out and about exploring a neighborhood with a friend yesterday. This flowing midi skirt to me is perfect for this late-summer weather. Looking forward to falling for more Fall fashion ahead.  Continue reading

Bid Summer adieu

Summer has officially ended. But, the sun is still shining and the weather is pleasantly warm, so I am keeping my skirts out for a final twirl, up until the real autumn weather arrives.DSC04896Today I paired one of my favorite flippy skirts with this soft lightweight sweatshirt and some black military booties for that September weather look.  I am not ready to dive into wool layers just yet. For me, transition styling is all about staying comfortable with the changing seasons.

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