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Rainy days

You must have heard the popular saying ‘April showers bring May flowers’. While we wait for the season’s blooms and sunny days (specially here in the Chicago area), it is hard to get excited about your outfit when the weather outside is pouring. My spring maxi skirts and bright colored pumps seem to mock me on such dreary watery ruin-your-hair-and-shoes day. But, rain doesn’t always have to wash away your style. April showers also bring the perfect reason to flaunt your cute umbrella and strut around in your bright colored wellies. ‘When it rains on your parade, just put on really cute boots!’

My favorite style tip of grey days is to include bright colors in your outfit.

Rain stylesvia Pinterest

Rainy days can be happy days. Here are some of my favorite classic rainy-day activities:

  • Bowling. A frizzy ponytail goes well with those shoes anyway.
  • Enjoy some art. This is the perfect opportunity to finally go to that museum’s new photography exhibit everyone is talking about so you can quit pretending you’re just as cultured as your hip friend who always manages to do that stuff before you even hear of it.
  • Play grown-up games. Pool halls are, like, the arcades of old people. Being inside a dingy, dark bar on a glorious fall day would be a waste, but it’s the perfect use of a cold and rainy one. If you want to pretend to need help so he’ll lean in and put his arms around you, I won’t judge. But it’s also very sexy to know exactly what you’re doing on your own.
  • Netflix staying indoors not leaving the house until all those disgusting earthworms have crawled back underground kinda date. A rainy day is a good day to catch a few or all of the episodes of TV show or an oldy goldie classic movie you’ve been meaning to watch but can’t seem to fit in your rotation.
  • Kinect/ Wii tournament – makes for a fun date idea. Go ahead, kick his butt.
  • Cook a luxurious meal together. You have nothing else on your agenda tonight, so you might as well try that complicated recipe that usually interferes with your other plans. Even if you’re not much of a chef, take the time to make something you’d normally just buy. Cookies from scratch or homemade soup are surprisingly easy, and make your whole house smell like warm comfort.
  • If you’re willing to get wet splash like children in puddles. Use those new rain boots you just went shopping for.
  • Lazy afternoon in a café. Slowly sip a cappuccino or a glass of wine, and try to do it by a window. It’s either gloomily romantic with a date or cheerfully hilarious with a friend, as you watch people outside get soaked.

Can you tell I am ready for the weekend? 🙂 Let’s go splashing through puddles!