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Casual denim

 Even though I am a big fan of pretty dresses and flowy skirts, I also love a classic jeans and t-shirt combination every now and then. Adding a trendy jacket to the casual mix makes the outfit chic. casual x spIf you follow me on Instagram, you might know I just got back from a relaxing and fun vacation celebrating my husband’s birthday over the (long) weekend and I am still in my vacation state-of-mind. So today I am going casual.  I am wearing jeans on a Tuesday. If I dress like it’s Friday, that means I can take tomorrow off, right? Continue reading

Overall obsession

Denim overalls - casual - Samosa POP

Happy Thursday! I have been completely off the grid busy with some much needed family time for the past couple weeks. My parents are visiting all the way from India. (Yay!!) But, I have missed you and I have missed blogging. It’s a beautiful day in the Chicagoland area and today I am talking about a farmer favorite. Overalls may have kicked off in a big way during the spring, but the throwback style is carrying over for the colder months. I am so happy it is here to stay for fall, only now the one-piece styles are longer and ready to be layered with our favorite jackets and knits. Overall, I am obsessed.Denim overalls - casual - closeup - Samosa POP

Overalls are inherently comfortable, so I embraced the causal feel. When dressing them down, the main goal is to keep them from looking disheveled. It is important to pay attention to the details, like swapping flats for a heeled shoe and making sure to wear a slim-fitting top. These leopard print wedges are a comfortable choice and align with the daytime feel.

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