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Summertime Ease

Summertime ease x SP This season I am leaning towards simple and easy styles. I love dressing up but, most days you can find me in a no-fuss simple colorful sundress. It is always wise to keep a comfy cover up with you. I rely on this sweater way more than I planned to when I was buying it. My go-to summer sweater. Summertime ease x SP 4Today is one of those rare days where it rains and shines at the exact same time. It’s killer on a good hair day but sans the hair issue, it’s really quite nice. Warm sunshine, cool rain. It could be a lot worse — I mean it could be super windy. I’ll take misty rain over wild wind any day of the week. (If you’ve ever wondered why I touch my hair so much in posts it’s because it’s windy and I’m trying to hold my hair down so I don’t look crazy). Continue reading

Fancy Friday

DSC04465It’s Friday and I am feeling fancy so today is Fancy Friday. This morning I was thinking how to keep it fun and casual and still celebrate this Fancy Friday. Solution – Pick a dress in a bright color and top it with a casual denim shirt. Viola! There you have it. Giving a casual twist to a fancy dress aka Fancy Friday! Add a tote in a global print and you will be beach ready for your casual Fancy Friday! (I know it’s confusing me too :)) Continue reading