Spring Casual

Cassette skirt x SP I have noticed when the weather outside is amazing and warm, my outfit of the day tends to get more playful. I am excited for a summer filled with breezy skirts, vibrant prints and evenings at the lake. This skirt is my personal favorite as not only is the A-line universally flattering but the musical print makes me want to dance all the time. And as you already know, I love mixing prints. It just is such a quick trick to create new outfits. I never thought I’d pair this skirt with a striped tee but, it just happened  to be, while getting dressed in a rush and I am loving it.  Another awesome trick is to borrow items from your man’s closet every now and then. I totally hijacked these awesome sunglasses from my husband claiming that they went perfectly with my outfit. 🙂 (valid reason!!)Cassette skirt x SP 2Cassette skirt x SP 3Cassette skirt x SP 4This week has been stressful to the max — anyone else feel like that too? All of a sudden it’s Thursday and my Monday to-do list is just now getting checked off. Needless to say, I am out of words for the week and haven’t been blogging everyday. Have a beautiful Thursday!

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