The wait is almost over

sjp shoesIf anyone could design killer shoes, it would be the infamous Carrie Bradshaw. The lady always knew her shoes. It was her most beautiful love affair. Sarah Jessica Parker knows our gal Carrie very well and has decided to share her shoe talents. I am so excited about the news of her shoe collection launching at Nordstrom on February 28. Can’t wait!

1-sjp shoesPhotos : Glamour

It is so hard to not want them all but, versatile day-to-night ‘the carrie’ seems too cute to pass up.


Some stylish memories of Carrie

2 thoughts on “The wait is almost over

  1. Marissa

    I love this and am so excited about her collection! Thanks for sharing. Also, I haven’t forgotten about your email I just haven’t sat down and wrote a reply yet. Hugs!


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