Mixing textures

Mix x SP Mixing prints and textures is a versatile trick that creates an updated look for every season. This fall & winter season, layer up delicate fabrics like lace with a faux-leather blazer for a weather friendly and chic outfit. Mixing different textures makes a unified layered look which pulls the whole outfit together.Mix x SP 4

Talking about pulling a look together and making different elements work in one outfit got me thinking about my life. Lately, I am feeling so out of my element. I am all over the place and most of the time making a mess of things. Ever have those days when you just can’t make it happen??!!  Just a couple weeks ago, in the rush of getting things done one hasty morning (I blame the snooze button on my alarm), I accidentally dropped one of my favorite watches and broke it. It was a sad moment. I had planned to wear that watch with this outfit and it broke right before the photo shoot. Needless to say, it was one of my favorites. After some online research, I came across the good people at The Watch Buyers Group  who came to my repair rescue. Check them out for your future watch repair/service queries.

Mix x SP 3 Mix x SP 2

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