Mixed up

prints x SP 2I just really like mixing prints. It can be a tricky trend to attempt, but once you get a handle on print mixing, it can change your life. Think about it — when you can start creating combos that you have never tried before, your potential wardrobe combinations and permutations increase exponentially, you can get dressed faster, and you will impress your fashion friends (seemingly) effortlessly.prints x SP prints x SP 6prints x SP 4prints x SP 5Here are 3 tips to create a winning look with this trend –

  1. Stick to a common color palette. Similar colors and palettes will help blend the prints, while still making a statement.
  2. Pair a larger bold print with a smaller less dominating print.
  3. The right accessories can be the key to breaking up your ensemble. Try using solid colored items to tie your ensemble together like a skinny belt.

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