Dreamy Crochet

The best part of summer nights, for me at least, is the ease of getting dressed when going out. Husband and I went to a casual dinner & a movie date recently and I wanted to be comfortable but still cute. Drapey maxi-dress that feels like pajamas? Done. I probably could have added more jewelry to jazz it up a bit but when could I not add more jewelry right? It’s a delicate and constant balance between comfortable and fancy.

Dress: Felicity & Coco, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bracelets: Forever 21, Bag: Steve Madden

When I wore this dress, the weather was a nice mix of wind and humidity which basically means that the minute you step outside the air will kill your hair slowly, strand by strand, unraveling whatever you spent 20 minutes manipulating it into. So whatever is happening up there is just going to happen.

Have a happy day!

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