Closet Must-Have: A White Shirt

A white shirt is a closet must-have. All you have to do is look at Carolina Herrera. It’s her uniform when paired with a full skirt. She has made this basic item iconic. A white button-down, wrap style, or popover all work as long as it’s crisp and fresh. There’s a freshness that white brings to an outfit and can easily be matched with everything else in your closet.

The white T-shirt’s sophisticated brother, the white dress shirt, continues to be the leader of the overall dress-shirt market.  This wardrobe staple is simple to dress up or kick it casual.  Ladies, for a dressed up look, button it all the way up, add your favorite necklace and tuck it into a high-waist skirt. Or kick it casual, untucked or tucked into denim with a braided belt and simple accessories. Pairing a button-up with relaxed shorts  is another simple way to keep it trendy and casual.


The white shirt makes a classic favorite of both women and men.  Men, drop the accessory of a tie or bow tie to add some character to the elegant look. It’s all about the fit. Pay attention to where the shoulder seams hit.  This item is versatile enough to take an outfit from season to season and day to night.

Shop this basic must-have item for your closet:

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