Autumn leaves

On this cold November day, when the trees are almost barren and the winter is just around the corner, I can’t help reminisce some of the beautiful fall days we got to enjoy this season. I just love the fall colors. Last month on a crisp fall day, I was walking back from a coffee shop with my husband when we suddenly realized our street had transformed into an autumn wonderland. Right here where we live. The fallen leaves and the fall colors on the trees were a perfect setting. My outfit turned out to be complementing to the location as well. And that led to this impromptu post.

autumn leaves x sp Try and incorporate fall colors and patterns into your outfit. It will put you in a fun mood and make you more excited about the season even the cold sets in.

autumn leaves x sp 2

autumn leaves x sp 3I love bangles. They are a beautiful accessory from India which can be paired with all your outfits. Try them out in a variety of colors and don’t forget to stack’em up high.

autumn leaves x sp 4

And how can we forget to talk about boots. I pretty much call Fall as the boot season. This wedge heel is it shoe this shoe. It’s versatile and stylish. Get yourself a pair and Fall in love.

autumn leaves x sp 5

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