Today is the 34th marriage anniversary of my parents. 34 years of marital bliss!! Whatever the secret maybe, it is highly impressive. Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Wishing you all the love.

It does make you wonder what is the secret to the marital bliss. Over the years every time I meet a couple who has survived the test of time for tying the knot, I cannot help ask them what is the tip/trick to a successful marriage. And I have gotten numerous answers some that are funny and some utterly logical such as communication and trust to having flowers booked for auto delivery for every birthday and anniversary and of course the infamous ‘yes, dear’. My favorite one comes from my own husband – who is the new self proclaimed love expert, even though we haven’t had an anniversary under our belt yet. According to him, a successful relationship can happen when two of you are successful awesome individuals. Here’s to the ‘till death do us apart’ !

– J

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