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wink & smile
cocktails & jitters
flowers & dates
sofa & smooch
desserts & spoons….spooning
flute & toast
now & forever!

SP lately

Life lately has been colorful here at SP Head Quarters. Here are some latest glimpses –

Last month I went to my first Poshmark party and had the best time. The party was over-flowing with style inspirations.


I met so many fun people  such as the stylish and beautiful Megan from Stylish and Scatterbrained. Be sure to check out her blog. She is currently showcasing some amazing fall trends and featuring a Phillip Lim giveaway (Oh yay!!!) We decided to meet up for a coffee date recently and come up with new creative blog post ideas. Stay tuned!


I also met the lovely and talented Amanda Boleyn from ‘Bo knows best‘ recently. We hit it off instantly with our like-minded ambitious ideas and plan to start our personal ‘Think Tank’ soon. Super excited.


Lastly, the most fun event of the year is going on right now – the Indian dance festival called Navratri, which originates from the state of Gujarat (the state I am from in India). I love it. Back in India the festivities including the gorgeous outfits and late night dancing extravaganza goes on for 9 days continuous. Here in the Chicago area, the celebrations tend to happen every weekend for almost 2 months (Yay more dance nights). It is a perfect girls night where you can adorn your fanciest clothes and dance the night away. You can guess, I am a little obsessed with the super fun Garba (that is the name of the dance).



Have a happy wednesday! Thank-you so much for reading! Kisses.