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DIY Honey and Lemon Face Mask

I am a big fan of facials for taking care of my skin. But, it’s hard to get myself to a spa regularly. So I try to include some simple DIY beauty tricks in my routine. Recently, I had an indulgent spa date with my creative blogger friend Erin from Color Me Styled. It was a fun afternoon where we tried out a couple easy homemade DIY facial recipes. I picked one of my all-time favorite one: homemade honey and lemon face mask. Continue reading

SP lately

Life lately has been colorful here at SP Head Quarters. Here are some latest glimpses –

Last month I went to my first Poshmark party and had the best time. The party was over-flowing with style inspirations.


I met so many fun people  such as the stylish and beautiful Megan from Stylish and Scatterbrained. Be sure to check out her blog. She is currently showcasing some amazing fall trends and featuring a Phillip Lim giveaway (Oh yay!!!) We decided to meet up for a coffee date recently and come up with new creative blog post ideas. Stay tuned!


I also met the lovely and talented Amanda Boleyn from ‘Bo knows best‘ recently. We hit it off instantly with our like-minded ambitious ideas and plan to start our personal ‘Think Tank’ soon. Super excited.


Lastly, the most fun event of the year is going on right now – the Indian dance festival called Navratri, which originates from the state of Gujarat (the state I am from in India). I love it. Back in India the festivities including the gorgeous outfits and late night dancing extravaganza goes on for 9 days continuous. Here in the Chicago area, the celebrations tend to happen every weekend for almost 2 months (Yay more dance nights). It is a perfect girls night where you can adorn your fanciest clothes and dance the night away. You can guess, I am a little obsessed with the super fun Garba (that is the name of the dance).



Have a happy wednesday! Thank-you so much for reading! Kisses.

This week

 I am in love with this flower necklace from BaubleBar. I have been wearing it day and night.


 I came across a blog called The Art of Manliness that is super interesting. It has articles like “14 Ways to Affair Proof You Marriage” and “The Case for Marriage”. Especially with it being written for guys, it’s nice to see articles standing up for unity.


My new go-to bag of the season also doubles as my beach bag. Yay! And to say I found it in the Sale section at Anthropologie  – Extra bonus! (Sold out online, but available in stores)DSC04468

 The Tumblr “Rich Kids of Instagram” is strangely addicting and oh-so entertaining.


Last night I attended the gorgeous fall line preview party ‘Infinite Summer’ hosted by Atelier Azza and Refinery 29. The clothes were beautiful and the people were inspiring.


 Details on my AZZA inspired jacket



The food was as cute as the clothes. ‘Chic burgers’ anyone?


Hope you had an awesome week and are excited about the weekend. Happy Friday!

Thank-you for stopping by! XO.

Friday favorites

Yay! It is Friday. Just because the 4th is over doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop. Here are some of my favorites from this week.

  • I would love to lounge around on this donut shaped pool float.


  • Super cool party decor – balloon wall

balloon wall

  • Awesome snack idea – Berry cones


  • My Favorite summer activity – 

beach day

  • Love this patriotic manicure – 


FiVE Things

You must have seen this trend on internet lately called ‘five things’ – ‘you share five things most people don’t know about you’. And since Samosa POP is all about my style preferences, here are 5 random facts about me.

  1. I talk to my family everyday. <3 …especially my mom.d57042fa4af58bc3bb25cb7e31114f19
  2. I am fearless, but I startle easily. That’s why I am not fond of surprises. scary_stalker_girl_by_mystique84-d2xg1ek
  3. I love to dance. It makes my soul happy. Bollywood dance is my favorite. Chicago readers check out Bollygroove. Rock on! 430869_10101652505248138_2023159232_n
  4. I cannot start my day without breakfast. Brunch is my most favorite type of meal.20130418-105631.jpg
  5. I could look at someone and know I am meant to spend the rest of my life with them. (Just ask the husband) 😉


I tag anyone reading to take part in this, I would love getting to know you more!