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Style in the City – Flattened by Flavor by Potbelly

Style in the City with Samosa POP This month’s Style in the City features a special treat. One of my personal favorite sandwich shops : Potbelly is introducing a fun new style of sandwiches called the ‘FLATS’. I was recently invited to it’s ‘First Taste’ event and it was a delectable evening.  It was a whole new way to Potbelly. Potbelly taste event x SP 3This was a radical event. I mean these FLATS are 90 calories less than Potbelly Originals. You can taste the flavorful ingredients more with their deliciously thin multi-grain bread and also cut down the carbs. It requires an outfit that is equally fun and comfortable enough to allow you to feast on all the flavorful FLATS. I opted for some cool boyfriend jeans paired with a classic white tee and topped the look with a trendy sequin jacket.Style in the City: May Continue reading

Tea time

I love tea – all kinds of tea. I enjoy drinking tea daily. Some more than others, specially on days when I am feeling under the weather. Sooooo calming. Maybe it comes from my upbringing in India. …?! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite at home teas –

I usually have a cup from this selection almost everyday.

Sometimes I indulge and make myself a cup of ‘chai’. It’s a perfect drink to share with your favorite company. I take my tea with cream but no sugar. But, I love experimenting with the extra additions of cardamom/ginger/mint. ‘Chai’ to me is a special – day drink. It gives the warm fuzzy feeling inside.

This is my go-to cup to drink my daily evening tea in – (a gift from my favorite gf)

Throughout the day I like sipping on green tea and peppermint tea (sometimes both together) as my at-work drink.

Lately it’s been an iced tea sorta season and my favorite summer drink is Starbucks shaken iced tea lemonade with passion tea.

Have a happy tea time!