Summer Spa date

Summer spa date x Samosa POP One of my most favorite things to do is a spa date with my mom especially in this Summer season. I love it when she visits. This month I went hiking in the Smokies with her and upon our return it was a perfect occasion to pamper ourselves with pedicures. So thanks to PrettyQuick we quickly found an amazing place in the west suburbs of Chicago called Simply Nails Spa.Summer spa date x Samosa POP 9This place is conveniently located in Arlington Heights near one of our favorite lunch places. It was meant to be. Summer spa date x Samosa POP 2The best thing about this nail spa is that it’s simple and clean. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Upon entering we were greeted by their friendly staff and guided towards their huge variety of nail polish collection. They had every color your heart could desire and all the latest brands such as vinyl lux, OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze, Zoya and the list goes on. Summer spa date x Samosa POP 3After some deciding dilemmas, my mom and I were ready to soak our tired feet into the warm water bowls that were waiting for us. We dipped our feet and right away also started enjoying the fully body massage in the comfy chairs.Summer spa date x Samosa POP 4At any nails spa, I am a stickler for cleanliness and I must say the staff here was very disciplined about it from frequent glove changes to sterilizing the tools right away. It was such a relief to see that. I could finally relax.Summer spa date x Samosa POP 5

I opted for their special Crystal spa pedicure. My tired feet were rubbed with a cucumber melon scrub followed by a callous removing mixture. And that luxurious massage with a lavender candle oil after a mint mask was to die for. My feet were in heaven. I highly recommend trying this service next time you are in the market for pampering your feet.Summer spa date x Samosa POP 6 While my mom was enjoying this spa’s most popular Simply Stone Pedicure while soaking her feet in aromatic bath followed by a hot stone massage and warm towel wraps. So good!Summer spa date x Samosa POP 6

Mom and I chatted away letting all our hiking exhaustion melt away in the pampering pedicure and the massages. Even though we came in for just our toes, this indulgent experience ended up relaxing our body.
Summer spa date x Samosa POP 10And now our feet are relaxed and toes are summer ready in cute baby blue and trendy green. All it took was a couple clicks on my PrettyQuick app! I know when I use PrettyQuick, I can trust where I am going and that the place is going to be great.Summer spa dateHave a pampered and pretty Summer by stopping by my new favorite Simply Nails SpaSummer spa date x Samosa POP 12

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