Sock Buns 101

A few months ago my mom and I went to Sock buns 101 workshop at Goldplaited. The stylists there are eager to help and shared with us some wonderful hair magic secrets. I love this hairstyle because no matter what length my hair is, the bun looks full and voluminous. Here are some simple tips and tricks for mastering the two styles of sock buns. My personal favorite is the short and simple messy sock bun look which is easier to do for my short layered hair.

What you will need :

#1 The messy sock bun :

  • Put all hair into a ponytail (high or low based on your preference) and place a sock donut in place over the hair tie.
  • Split hair into two sections. With your head tilted a little forward, let your hair completely cover the donut.
  • Use another hair tie to secure hair over the donut (very useful trick for long hair). Now this is your bun. Wrap and tuck the loose ends around the sock bun using bobby pins. It helps to put them in diagonally so that the pins stay secured for longer.
  • Hairspray (optional)

# The elegant sock bun :

  • Tie hair in ponytail and place donut.
  • Loop ends of hair around donut.
  • Tuck the ends in the donut.
  • Roll down to base.
  • Gather and pin.

Happy Hairstyling!

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